‘CATALYST; the eye we’re avoiding. ‘

We call this sweaty, crying, shouting project ”Triptych”. But it’s a great experience to go through to face the professional fashion world within a educational environment. There are several groups and each group is going to create a brand within 2,5 weeks. And we have created ”Catalyst” together with designers, branders and managers of AMFI.

It started with getting two icons of the past and now: Che Guevara x Bruce Jenner. So it started with doing research to both of the icons.

After this, we’ve created a concept for 2028 based on trends which will be big in this future. The concept has both of the icons, the activistic feeling of Che and the inner-struggle feeling with wanting to express itself of Bruce.

 Imagine a world where the government works closely together with big network corporations, collecting all our everyday data. In this society, privacy has become a concept of the past. The increase of personal data is used in any way the government wants to, and therefore has control over every individual.
When the concept is created, the designs has started together with the brand, collection and business book. Together with these steps of the process, the editorial shoot en fashion film have been done. 

Photography: Kees Penders

MUA: Suzanne Hendrikx

Editorial Styling Concept: Michelle Phaf & Fleur Elisabeth

Models: WKD Models – Danielle Kroon – Jelke Ostermann – Lucas Steijn.

PhotoVogue: Vogue Italia, Catalyst.










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