How about psychology research, who are you and what makes you, you? And what if someone makes a brand out of… yes, you?

So, I made a brand-DNA out of a person of my class. We had a ‘brand-me board’ of each other and we had to put our inspiration out of this board. What did get my attention on the board, was that she was compared with a swan: introvert and elegant. And, especially extra feminine and a true fighter and a feminist. So, what kind of women are more feminists and actual like French women? Think about the #Me-too discussion and their version #Balancetonporc. France is the homeland of the women, they say. So, I did have one conceptual point and that was the modern feminism. But also the trend of transparency catched my attention while doing research, it is about being transparant in life and started with the #Me-too discussion. So, I did ask myself the question; Why draw attention to feminism with a Me-Too discussion or with a Women’s March. It’s time that that should be there, every moment of the day. So basically always. Feminism isn’t a hysteric trend.

I combined the introverted with the elegance which creates a message about feminism that isn’t shouting or hysterical, but it’s powerful because of it’s introvert. No more male gazes, media shouting. No, today is the start of the sound of the ‘female gaze‘.

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