‘KUYICHI; mixed with some foreign culture.’

At this project of AMFI we had to create a new retail fashion environment concept for a jeansbrand. Basically creating a new sub-brand for the current jeansbrand.

So we had the sustainable brand Kuyichi and we’ve used a target group which didn’t fit the brand at all: The Mixed Modern Marriages (MMM’ers) and created a new sub-brand, called: Khépri.

The MMM’ers are men and women from 55+ and are a multicultural couple who likes to travel together and have a huge interest in other cultures.

Khépri is a sub-brand who brings back the sustainable part of Kuyichi together with a cultural feel. The basic, calm, minimalistic aspects of Kuyichi together with some highlights of cultures where the new consumer will feel him or herself at home in this new environment.

Below some items of the assignment in identity, concept, colour, material, shapes and collectioning.

– Fleur Elisabeth

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